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Why List Segmentation Matters in CRE Marketing (Just Look At The Data)

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By now, I think we can all agree that email is here to stay …unless the Internet will go the way of typewriters, in which case c’est la vie! Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean certain email marketing best practices, like segmentation, have caught on. In the CRE world especially, segmentation is often a nice to have vs. a need to have …

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Mastering CRE Email Templates

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Email marketing is one of the most successful, yet often poorly executed strategies available in the CRE industry. Some marketers consider it a chore and choose to produce a flood of messages (read: SPAM) almost as a by-product of a marketing effort. When done poorly, CRE email marketing campaigns can result in a low conversion rate and a high “unsubscribe” …

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3 CRE Marketing Strategies To Borrow From Online Dating (Or How To Get More Deals Done In 2013)

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How many times have you carefully designed marketing flyers and campaigns, only to put your listing out there and hear…crickets? Unfortunately, the prevailing CRE industry rule of thumb has been that the wider the outreach, the higher the chance to make a deal, all of which is somehow supposed to translate into quality deals. The reasoning behind this mass-market approach …

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Think Different: 3 Killer Ways to Market CRE Properties Online

Think Different

Some people argue promotion is unnecessary. Yes, that’s true…IF you’re selling the Empire State Building. In all other cases, promotion for your listing(s) is the difference between a dealmaking and mediocrity. However, not all marketing avenues out there are created equal. So how do you evaluate which tool is best to use? Well, think about this: ANY tool you use …

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4 CRE Marketing Mistakes You Could Be Making (And How To Avoid Them)

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So you do marketing. Are you sure? Investment in marketing is crucial. But, lately, online marketing for commercial real estate has become like a game of “did you know?” Every day there are numerous tips and tricks to follow, read, implement. Not enough time in the day! And the question almost everyone has: So what really works and what’s just …

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CRE Relationships: Is it really all about the numbers or do humans matter?

Relationships Matter In Any Business

CRE deal-making is much rooted in numbers. The clients are much savvier, the stakes are often higher, and the numbers can make or break the deal. So where does the human relationship fit in? Are they important? Or is it all just a numbers game? Some argue that numbers are king; relationships are irrelevant. In a perfectly rational world, that …

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How To Make CRE Email Marketing Work For You

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Email Marketing has been lauded as the most effective tool ever, and much maligned as a necessary evil that just won’t go away. So which is it? Why does it work for some people and not others? Let’s take a cold-hard look at the most common list of CRE email marketing complaints, but more importantly, come up with solutions: Yes, that’s …

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