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4 CRE Marketing Mistakes You Could Be Making (And How To Avoid Them)

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So you do marketing. Are you sure?

Investment in marketing is crucial. But, lately, online marketing for commercial real estate has become like a game of “did you know?”

Every day there are numerous tips and tricks to follow, read, implement. Not enough time in the day! And the question almost everyone has: So what really works and what’s just noise?

We’ve spend a ton of time searching for patterns in marketing advice from sources across the web. No matter what platforms, tools, or marketing avenues you use, here are the four mistakes (and solutions!) that keep coming up over and over again:

1Crappy Visuals. Images play as much a part of the sell as text. Both must work in tandem to support the any property you are trying to sell/rent/lease. Take a look at What is the first thing you notice when you get to their site? +10 if you answered “amazing photos.” The numbers/descriptions matter, but humans are visual creatures. When we see a compelling image, we click on it because we are drawn to images like moths to light. Staging doesn’t only happen offline, and commercial real estate is not immune to the draw of the image. Make sure your images on any or every platform that you use are compelling.

2Dumb Text. Smart text plays a huge role in getting found online, especially if given some SEO love. If you want your property listing to perform, you need to empower it and one good way of doing this is by using SEO-friendly wording in your descriptions. This means that your words need to match what your potential clients might be inputting in the search box online. At BuzzTarget, we find that a lot of listing views come from people just searching for long-tail (i.e. very specific/detailed) key words. Source the key-words that are specific to your property’s location, price range and structure, so that your listing is easy-to-find, and use them in titles and descriptions of listings you put online.

3A Pre-historic Company Website. Surprisingly in our online world, sometimes folks are so busy chasing the latest CRE technology innovation that they forget the user experience of their own websites. That’s like running around with the cool in-crowd of the moment, only to come home to a façade that’s falling apart. Not so cool. Rightly or not, clients make split judgments on how good of a professional you are based on your website. It doesn’t have to be a costly overhaul. There are numerous inexpensive tools and templates that enable CRE folks to provide good user experience to potential clients who visit their site. If you’re there already, you’re one step ahead.

4Telling People Who Don’t Care About Your Listings. Want to get a deal done? Know your market. Each listing has a unique set of criteria, and therefore a potentially unique target market. To tell your clients that you’ve emailed their property to 100,000 people this week is the same as telling your single best friend that you just took out an ad to find them a date on Craigslist. Each availability has a specific target market, where you get the most for your upfront marketing investment. Your job is to find it. Targeted outreach platforms makes this job a lot easier.

Are there any CRE marketing strategies that you thought worked, but you’ve had to give up on? What’s working for you now? Tell us by commenting below; we appreciate everyone’s input!