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Think Different: 3 Killer Ways to Market CRE Properties Online

Think Different

Some people argue promotion is unnecessary. Yes, that’s true…IF you’re selling the Empire State Building. In all other cases, promotion for your listing(s) is the difference between a dealmaking and mediocrity.

However, not all marketing avenues out there are created equal. So how do you evaluate which tool is best to use? Well, think about this: ANY tool you use should ENABLE you to put your listings in the best light. Think of it as an assistant that makes life (or in this case, deal-making) easier. It should NOT ask you for your data or to jump through hoops to show off your listings.

An article published in 2012 by the National Association of Realtors details the various ways to survive the competitive CRE climate, with embracing modern marketing tools at the top.

Online targeted marketing is an excellent way to start. And, to supplement this foundation, here are a few more ideas for you outside of the proverbial marketing box:

1Short-Form Blogs: Blogging has become something that you HAVE to do, but never have time to do. Mistakenly, blogging is often associated with long-form writing. But, it doesn’t have to be. Blogging platforms like Tumblr or Quora make it incredibly easy to blog in short form. Tumblr, for example, makes it super easy to post compelling photos of your listings with a few key pieces of info, as well as matching keywords for SEO to any post. What’s more, you can host it on your website as well.

2Video: Traditionally, CRE marketing hasn’t had much luck with video. There are numerous reasons: the production value is too low, it’s too expensive, no time, etc. The list goes on. However, consider The Corcoran Group YouTube channel. The Corcoran Group is a well-known East Coast residential real estate firm that has been one of the most innovative marketers around thanks to the visionary Matthew Shadbolt. With over 1300 subscribers and growing, their YouTube channel is an avenue to show off properties, the surrounding neighborhood, and enable their audience to get to know Corcoran’s brokers for a more personal touch. These efforts distinguish them from the competition and present them as smart, tech-savvy brokers who clients want to deal with. That’s marketing to the umpteenth degree.

3Get To Know LinkedIn: At BuzzTarget, we’re huge fans of LinkedIn. Among the platform’s many merits, we share their passion for market segmentation as the most effective way to do outreach. Targeting your market is only one of the many benefits. Here’s a handy guide for using LinkedIn as a marketing channel for any business.

What are some different ways you’re marketing your listings online? Share with us below.