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Commercial Real Estate: 3 Golden Rules of the Unsubscribe

3 Golden Rules Of CRE Email Marketing Unsubscribes

Unsubscribe. The dreaded click. Your contact gone forever. Frustration. Worry. Aaaargh! Not so fast. Unsubscribe is actually the best thing to happen to email marketing since…well, email. If you’ve been diligently building your list, cataloguing what your prospects want to hear about, sending targeted messages to different groups within the larger list, and someone still unsubscribes, well then what better …

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Top 10 Takeaways From ICSC RECon 2013

Top 10 ICSC

“Retail is picking up across the nation, which many experts attribute to the rebound of the housing market and accompanying bump in home construction, which in turn has boosted consumer confidence.” - Commercial Observer “Nothing replaces the tangible experience of being inside a store. The human social experience is irreplaceable. But, there are so many innovations in mobile and tech that can give a …

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3 Productive Ways CRE Can Use Google Glass

Jumping on board with every new technology or website can leave you breathless and penniless. Not a good place to be. However, once in a while new technology comes along where you can instantly imagine how it can transform your business. Google Glass is it. By now, most of you have seen pictures and inspirational videos of the product. It’s mostly …

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Why (CRE) Email Spam Is Bad For The Environment

Spam Shot

At BuzzTarget, we hate spam. All kinds of it. Spam is not just the domain of Viagra hawkers and your long lost Nigerian relatives offering you a transfer of $20mm ASAP. Every time you send an unsolicited commercial real estate marketing email to someone who never requested to hear from you in the first place, you’re creating spam. In our …

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