Top 10 Takeaways From ICSC RECon 2013

Top 10 ICSC

1“Retail is picking up across the nation, which many experts attribute to the rebound of the housing market and accompanying bump in home construction, which in turn has boosted consumer confidence.” - Commercial Observer

2“Nothing replaces the tangible experience of being inside a store. The human social experience is irreplaceable. But, there are so many innovations in mobile and tech that can give a competitive advantage to retailers today.” – Randi Zuckerburg, founder and creative director of Zuckerberg Media and former marketing director of Facebook

3“Today, the mall is a destination, offering more than just retail. While shopping will always be the primary reason people go to the mall, the survey supported our notion that going to the mall is about the experiences – whether that’s having a salad and a glass of wine with your girlfriends or enjoying a movie on a Friday night. People want a mix of retail, restaurants and entertainment.” - Michael P. Glimcher, chairman of the board and CEO of Glimcher

4“Secondary markets will start seeing more investment activity as pricing and lack of opportunities in the primary markets leave investors empty handed.” - Alan Araki, managing director of investments at Primestor Development Inc.

5“Against the backdrop of mixed economic growth prospects and therefore both risk and opportunity, the globalisation of retail appears to have accelerated.” - James Brown, Retail Research, Jones Land LaSalle EMEA 

6“If one community doesn’t make clear it is willing to incentivize developers to build within its borders, a neighboring community will.” - R. Kymn Harp, managing member of Robbins, Salomon & Patt, Ltd.

7“A number of U.S. retailers, post-crises, have realized that they’ve run out of room in the domestic market, so they were looking at international to really drive revenue and profitability.” – Peter Gold, Head of Cross Border EMEA Retail, CBRE

8“Walkable urban are going to be the major generators of retail growth—they will have incredible employment density and will hold 34% of metropolitan jobs. “It is the future for us.” - Harriet Tregoning, director of the Washington DC Office of Planning Government of the District of Columbia in Washington, DC

9“The main takeaway is that things are definitely on the upswing from the standpoint of both development and tenant activity. It’s definitely not like it was back in 2007. Some of the old-line retailers are starting expansion programs. And every time we come out of recession, there are new retail concepts that have been created and are starting to kick out nationally. We’re seeing quite a bit of that.” - Fred Merrill Jr., president of Merrill Cos. LLC

10“I think the most impactful trend is a true shift from the commodity mind-set that both the investors and the occupiers had pre-recession to a mindset of truly being enchanting, truly telling a story, giving people a compelling reason to want to come to their shopping centers or come to the retailers.” - Craig Killman, Retail Market Lead for JLL on the West Coast

photo by Ashtyn Renee