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How To Get CRE Prospects to Open Your Emails: A Checklist (pt. 1)

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Qualified prospects, phone ringing off the hook, listing in contract, deal signed! Phew…easy right?

If only!

Getting to done deal is oftentimes a minefield of false starts, challenging personalities, and legal contracts so long as to easily come in volume 1, 2, and 3. These are things you can rarely control. However, what you can control is your marketing, where strategic outreach to pre-qualified prospects is key to getting to the finish line.

There are numerous ways to market online, but when it comes to email,  you can find so much information on marketing anything via email online that it’s sometimes hard to wrap your head around it all. Not only that, a lot of information out there seems to apply to reaching consumers for small businesses product or service, not savvy commercial real estate professionals looking to make a multi-million dollar deal.

Fact of the matter is, CRE people are busy. No surprise there. But, even busy people, have an almost sub-conscious cognitive checklist they follow the minute they fire up their inbox. Filtering through online research, and adding a layer of our own product observations to the mix, the first part of the cognitive checklist is:

Who is sending the email? 

The minute I open my inbox, I glance at the sender name. It’s a fleeting action, but incredibly important in deciding whether I open a certain email or delete it. There are thousands heuristics at play here.

First, is it a brand or a person’s name? The rule of thumb is that a person’s name in the “from field” tends to produce a personal message. The probability of my opening that email just went up.

Second, do I recognize the name? If it’s a person I’ve directly dealt with or received relevant content from, I’m extremely likely to open that email. If it’s a brand I’ve dealt with before, I’m also (although less so) likely to open the email…BUT, only if our previous interaction produced relevant content.

Cognitive checklist:

  • Use your name (not your company’s name) when trying to reach quality prospects.
  • Make sure you are sending to either your own carefully gathered and segmented opt-in list, OR through a service that’s recognized for segmented, targeted distributions, where you know for sure people opt-ed in to receive your specific deal criteria.

To keep this post short, we’ll tackle parts 2 (subject lines) and 3 (timing of prospect emails) in the next posts. In the meantime, how do you make sure your emails get through to prospects?

photo by: Sean MacEntee