How To Get CRE Prospects To Open Your Emails: A Checklist (pt. 3)

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This is part 3 of a 3-part series on how to get CRE prospects to open your emails. Last week’s part 2 went into why the subject line is so important in commercial real estate emails, which you can find here.

The next item for your cre marketing toolbelt is:

3 Time of Day. This one is hotly debated all over, and is so subjective to the specific industry, offering, and content of the email, that all studies out there are almost rendered moot…unless you find one specific enough to commercial real estate professionals. What works for small coffee shops, doesn’t work for business consultants, etc. because the behavior of their client base is so different.

The general guideline is that business people (and CRE professionals) are generally busy first half of Monday and the last half of Friday. Going over BuzzTarget stats, we’ve found that Tuesday through Thursday, early morning (around 10am) and early afternoon (from 1-4pm) to have the most opens. But, again, this is a trend, not a specific rule.

Open rates depend on a multitude of factors coming together including, listing relevance, how good your deal is, time of day, and even current economic factors or that day’s news. Close tracking of open rates should give you an idea as to the best time of day to send your outreach, but try multiple things before you decide on a timing strategy.

Cognitive checklist:

  • Think of your own behavior. You are your own audience here. When are you most receptive to new business? At what times in the day do you usually check email? Aim for that.
  • Test and track multiple emails and their various send times/days. After about a month or two, you should get an idea of what works.

Have you tried this? What has worked for you?

photo credit: Will Clayton