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Commercial Real Estate 101: Pinterest

Part 2 in a Series

In the first installment of our series on commercial real estate marketing online we addressed the importance of Googling your company name, monitoring your online reputation and frequently posting relevant content on a blog and/or your website. In this blog we’re going to zoom in on another important building block for your commercial real estate online arsenal: Pinterest. Consider it. Strongly. It’s free, it’s easy to use and it’s increasingly popular.

In fact, according to, Pinterest drove 3.68% of traffic to publishers in September 2013, the second highest of the social networks (Facebook remains the highest). Pinterest’s share of overall visits increased by 66% year-over-year, more than any other social network including Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and Google+ (see chart).

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Top line is Facebook, next line is Pinterest.
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The main reason business people love Pinterest is why everyone loves Pinterest: pictures. As many as you’d like. It’s the most visual medium in social media today, and as a commercial real estate broker, agent, or prospective owner or seller, pictures are essential in moving a property, building your brand, creating awareness and getting your name out there as an expert in a given area – be it corporate space, retail or industrial commercial real estate property.

It will not only help you showcase your properties, it allows you to establish the neighborhood and community wonderfully. Plus, you’ll be able to include links to your commercial property listings on your website or blog. If you’re a prospective owner or investor, it’s a user friendly resource to browse– easily searchable for the location and commercial property type you are looking for.

Another useful feature is “Place Pin Boards.” If you’re a commercial real estate agent, broker or owner and you have a cluster of properties in one well known area, like San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf, Miami’s Design District or along the famous Route 6A in Cape Cod, you can create a Place Pin Board focused on that location featuring all of your listings with descriptors about the community. It’s free, it’s easy and there’s nothing to lose. As with all social media, the more you post your name, brand and listings online, the better you fare when people are searching for a commercial property to buy or sell, just like yours.

And, as always. keep BuzzTarget top of mind for your daily online marketing and search strategies. Buzz Target’s trusty search functionality quickly customize property listings and email messages to your prospects, providing the optimal platform to reach a targeted audience; announce or receive new listing information; call for or receive offers on listings; search for investment opportunities; find financing or locate space– and get deals done.

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