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Commercial Real Estate Marketing 101: Optimize Your LinkedIn Presence

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Part three in a series

See part one in our series about posting relevant content on a blog and/or your website, and part two for how commercial real estate brokers and agents can use Pinterest to make an impact. In this blog we give commercial real estate professionals pointers on using LinkedIn to their best advantage.

You probably already know that LinkedIn is the networking and recruitment site for business professionals. More than 250 million people around the world use it to enhance their careers, find a new job, hire the best candidates and to discover new opportunities and people they want to connect with. LinkedIn can be especially useful for those in commercial real estate when done correctly. And, since LinkedIn is growing in importance as a marketing platform (with their purchase of Pulse and Slideshare) it is well worth your time to establish yourself professionally on this site. Here are some tips to optimize your presence:

Create and update your company page

Most commercial real estate brokers, agents and CRE property owners have a personal page on LinkedIn—but it’s important to additionally create a company page for your business. Both pages should support and link to each other. Use your company page for status updates—featuring your latest commercial real estate transactions, properties currently on the market, appeals for the kinds of properties you or your client are looking for, etc. If you can customize your page for a specific audience—for example, industrial properties or warehouses—even better. A company page helps you create a buzz around your properties, build networks of followers and increase the performance of job posts  (8% better according to LinkedIn). Plus, it’s easy to do. Simply add a logo, a basic company description and links to your blogs and Twitter feeds. Be sure to use the insightful analytics feature which shows who is visiting your page, including their industries, job functions and companies. You can also see page views, unique visitors and clicks for each tab of your company page. Finally, you can choose from a variety ads to increase your audience, and use recruitment ads to target members with specific professional experience in commercial real estate.

Join More LinkedIn Groups— And Start Your Own

What are your target audiences’ interests? Where do they “hang out”? Join those groups and respond to questions, offer advice, make your presence and expertise known. Choose wisely, however, as this can be time consuming but also extremely valuable if you can get in front of the right audience.

You also want to set up your own LinkedIn group to establish yourself/commercial real estate business as a thought leader. The key to a successful group is to keep it very focused on a particular topic, be selective in who can be part of the group, and stay on top of it with daily check ins and input.

Engage your target audience

The way you do this is by sharing valuable, worthwhile content. Don’t post simply to post something. Make sure it’s relevant, interesting and newsworthy to the people in commercial real estate  with whom you most want to connect. Post content regularly, link to your other social media sites and vary your post with photos, videos and links. Also, encourage your colleagues and friends to share, like and comment on your content.

Ask for reviews, referrals and recommendations

Probably the most important thing you can do in commercial real estate is build up your arsenal of testimonials, references and five-star reviews. Increasingly, it’s what professionals look for when making business decisions nowadays. Don’t be afraid to ask your past and present clients—anyone who knows you as a professional—to post their comments on your LinkedIn page. It’s worth gold online.

Stay Motivated with Useful Tools

Commercial Real Estate professionals are especially results driven and LinkedIn makes it easy to monitor your progress with analytics tools that allow you to keep track of:

  • the number of followers and people in your group
  • engagement via comments, discussions and polls
  • the number of click-throughs to your website from LinkedIn
  • where your leads come from

Catch the Buzz

And, as always. keep Buzz Target as the cornerstone of your commercial real estate marketing plan. Buzz Target’s search functionality quickly customize property listings and email messages to your prospects, providing the optimal platform to reach a targeted audience; announce or receive new listing information; call for or receive offers on listings; search for investment opportunities; find financing or locate space– and get deals done. Find out more at