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BuzzTarget Launches Dream Feature for Commercial Real Estate Brokers and Agents

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New York, New York — Known as the “” of commercial real estate and the marketing tool of choice for commercial real estate professionals, BuzzTarget just gave commercial real estate Brokers and Agents an early Christmas present: an online update that gives them the ultimate convenience in finding space for national retailers/franchisers— as well as the quickest, easiest (and most professional) way to send listings to these lucrative clients.

“This one new site update has the potential to dramatically change a Broker’s real estate career—increasing his or her earnings by the tens of thousands of dollars each year, and saving them considerable time and trouble when working with national retailers and franchisers,” says BuzzTarget CEO Albert Aranbaev.

Here’s how it works:

BuzzTarget clients now have easy access to a full gallery of retailers searching for properties available through its ‘space wanted’ search feature. It is constantly compiled and refreshed by a BuzzTarget Researcher, whose sole responsibility is to keep the national retailer listings accurate and up-to-date.

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 9.17.13 PM

Commercial Real Estate Brokers and Agents then review the listings that are featured in an easy ‘get-it-in-a-gulp’  format and click on the ones most relevant for their franchise/retail client. If the Broker/Agent feels it’s a good match for their client they simply click “submit,” and a user friendly “pop up email” appears, ready to be sent to the client, with Broker’s name, information and professional greeting already pre-populated. All the Broker/Agent has to do is click “send.”

“The process to find and send listings simply could not be any easier or more fool-proof,” explains Aranbaev. “You can have confidence knowing the listing is up-to-date, accurate, and your communication is professional and timely. This frees Brokers/Agents up to send even more listings to potential clients, greatly increasing the chances of making successful matches. And,” he adds, “these aren’t just any clients; these are national retailers and franchisers so it can mean really big business.”

This new feature also provides considerable value for the retailer as well. They now receive even more relevant and comprehensive listings via a link with photos sent straight to their inbox.

BuzzTarget just launched this update with more than 500 available retail properties featured, and many more promised in the coming weeks. With more than 1,600 national chains in their client bank, BuzzTarget sees a “goldmine” of opportunity for commercial real estate Brokers and Agents. “This kind of update is totally inline with BuzzTarget’s core mission— to be the most helpful tool for commercial real estate brokers, agents, owners, investors and potential tenants bar none,” says Aranbaev.

‘Buzzed’ Yet?

If you’re not using BuzzTarget yet, there is no better time to come onboard. Over the past two months we added five new enhancements to keep you at the leading edge of commercial real estate marketing—plus a simple new WordPress plugin that allows commercial real estate professionals to synch their property listings on BuzzTarget with listings on their websites— providing the quickest way to keep all listings accurate and up-to-date. We are committed to staying at the leading edge of marketing for commercial real estate professionals, and continue to make relevant updates so your experience is always the most pleasant and productive it can be.

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