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Your commercial real estate property listing is generally your first and most important impression with prospective clients. Take the time to make yours shine and stand out from the rest. In addition to getting fast results, polished listings will also helps you develop yourself as the ultimate professional— and someone others want to work with.

Here are five guidelines to keep in mind when creating your commercial real estate listings:

1. Write headlines that are compelling and urgent

A strong and relevant headline stops traffic. Be truthful in your description, and also be sure to pump up the property’s greatest assets: Brooklyn’s hottest new zip code for retail— going fast; State-of-the-art office space— won’t last; Revitalized strip mall— high-traffic, abundant parking, right off Interstate. Shout about your property’s most appealing attributes with pithy urgent headlines that hook the interest of prospects.

2. Include strong, factual, comprehensive content

You don’t always know which factors will christian louboutin deutschland,cheap ralph lauren shirts,cheap louis vuitton bags uk,cheap michael kors handbags,cocktail dresses cheap ring someone’s bells— could be the layout, the height of the ceilings, the brick walls, the amount of sunlight or its proximity to a mall, convenient access to free parking. Consider it all and make a thoughtful bullet point list of sales-worthy traits of the property from the perspective of a potential buyer/leaser. Write the listing with a positive tone and a professional polish. You always want to include the price and financial details of note. Finally, be sure to feature an urgent call-to-action at the end (rather then sending them to your website where they can get distracted). Skip a space and finish with a line such as: “Showing property this week. Schedule your appointment by end of day Friday. Call (555) 555.5555 or email” Always highlight your contact information so it stands out.

3. Feature an abundance of professional quality photos

The new smart phones take extraordinary photos, yet some industry professionals would argue that you need at least a 12-megapixel camera and (depending on the caliber of property you are showing) they would insist you need a professional photographer. The bottom-line is you want a lot of clear, relevant, professional photos that show every sales-worthy feature of the property in the best light possible. Spend your time and money on this. It’s best if the property/site is free of clutter and clean. Clean up the landscaping too if that’s a factor. You don’t want potential clients being confronted with problems before you’ve even sold them on the high points. It’s also best if the photos are taken on a sunny day with bright, natural light— and, also, taken consecutively across the space (to make it feel like a comprehensive tour). If there is lots of parking, take a photo of the lot as well. If it’s in a charming neighborhood, include photos of the area.

Tip: When photographing a room take the photo from the doorway looking into the room (it looks better). If the property is a real gem, you may additionally want to give them a video or virtual tour with a link from the posting to your website. For this kind of work hire a local professional and consider establishing a long-term relationship with him or her to get the best deal on repeat business.

4. Proofread— because everyone loves a professional

It’s a good idea to proof your listing three times for proper wording and typos; no one wants to deal with a commercial real estate professional who does not pay attention to detail or is not articulate. Getting someone else to look it over before posting is always smart. You would be surprised what you can miss or overlook— like an extra zero in the price.

5. Blast your listing to all relevant contacts— and then some.

Now that you’ve created the perfect listing that will stop traffic, hit all the high points, present you as the ultimate commercial real estate professional, and get a response— it’s time to give it maximum exposure. In addition to sending it to your own contacts and lists, rely on Buzz Target for its database of relevant prospective clients interested in commercial real estate properties such as yours. In fact, Buzz Target is designed exclusively for commercial real estate professionals, giving them the easiest, most state-of-the-art marketing tools to succeed— effective tools that generate immediate interest.

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