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Commercial Real Estate On-the-Go: You App-ed up?


You know those people. They pull out their cell phone and can seemingly do anything— take payments, sign documents, hold video conference calls, and brew coffee with a tap of their finger. They’re efficient, effective and almost always successful. If you’re not one of them, they get you mad. What’s their secret? They keep up on the latest technology— and embrace it. While it may not be all you need to succeed in the competitive world of commercial real estate, it doesn’t hurt. Plus, having powerful tools at your fingertips make you look and feel savvy with clients and colleagues.

A great place to start is getting up on apps.

You likely already have mobile apps for your phone like Google Maps for detailed maps of locations and the Mortgage Calculator for quick figures, but here are some tools that may make your life easier, get the job done quicker and/or give you the competitive edge:

Sitegeist — When you are at a property site, this handy tool instantly provides data about the surrounding area including the average temperature, commuting trends, nearby hot spots, average age of residents, etc. It just may provide one relevant fact to clinch a deal. Free for iPhones and Androids.

Cam Scanner — Great for deals-on-the-go! You will LOVE this app that enables you to scan documents directly from your mobile device, saving you a trip back to the office, and showing off your tech-savvy professionalism.

PDFescape —Like having a scanner at your fingertips, this app allows you to add signatures, text and dates on documents so you can do business from just about anywhere.

SignEasy— another impressive way to “draw” your signature and sign documents from any mobile device.

DotLoop— Specifically designed for brokers and agents, DotLoop allows commercial real estate professionals to create documents, share them with clients/vendors/the other agent, and complete the transaction— all with the ability to counteroffer and e-sign!

Vert— Commercial Real estate professionals must often deal with different metrics— size, weight, volume, length, and currency. Vert converts it all, simply, elegantly and impressively.

Probably the single smartest thing you can do in this business is to quickly and continuously get your listings in front of the right prospects. With a mobile app in the making, Buzz Target can be used on the go via your laptop or iPad. It allows you to customize property listings and email messages to your prospects, providing the optimal platform to reach a targeted audience. It also lets you announce or receive new listing information; call for or receive offers on listings; search for investment opportunities; find financing or locate space. Bottom line is it helps you get deals done, utilizing the best online marketing practices in the industry today.