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Commercial Real Estate Marketing 101: Social media habits of successful agents and brokers

718 NIM

In past blog posts, we’ve gotten commercial real estate professionals up to speed on setting up their business on LinkedIn and Pinterest; you should, of course, also have active engagement on Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus (some social media experts may even add a few more sites to that mix). Yes this can all seem overwhelming and thankfully there are tools such …

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CRE Relationships: Is it really all about the numbers or do humans matter?

Relationships Matter In Any Business

CRE deal-making is much rooted in numbers. The clients are much savvier, the stakes are often higher, and the numbers can make or break the deal. So where does the human relationship fit in? Are they important? Or is it all just a numbers game? Some argue that numbers are king; relationships are irrelevant. In a perfectly rational world, that …

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