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Commercial Real Estate On-the-Go: You App-ed up?


You know those people. They pull out their cell phone and can seemingly do anything— take payments, sign documents, hold video conference calls, and brew coffee with a tap of their finger. They’re efficient, effective and almost always successful. If you’re not one of them, they get you mad. What’s their secret? They keep up on the latest technology— and …

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Commercial Real Estate 101: Pinterest

Part 2 in a Series In the first installment of our series on commercial real estate marketing online we addressed the importance of Googling your company name, monitoring your online reputation and frequently posting relevant content on a blog and/or your website. In this blog we’re going to zoom in on another important building block for your commercial real estate …

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How To Get CRE Prospects To Open Your Emails: A Checklist (pt. 3)

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This is part 3 of a 3-part series on how to get CRE prospects to open your emails. Last week’s part 2 went into why the subject line is so important in commercial real estate emails, which you can find here. The next item for your cre marketing toolbelt is:  Time of Day. This one is hotly debated all over, and …

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How To Get CRE Prospects to Open Your Emails: A Checklist (pt. 2)

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This is part 2 of a 3-part series on how to get CRE prospects to open your emails. Last week’s part 1 introduced the cognitive checklist CRE professionals go through when looking through their inbox, which starts out with identifying “who is sending this email?” The next item in the cognitive checklist is the:  Subject line. You’ve heard this time …

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How To Get CRE Prospects to Open Your Emails: A Checklist (pt. 1)

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Qualified prospects, phone ringing off the hook, listing in contract, deal signed! Phew…easy right? If only! Getting to done deal is oftentimes a minefield of false starts, challenging personalities, and legal contracts so long as to easily come in volume 1, 2, and 3. These are things you can rarely control. However, what you can control is your marketing, where …

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Commercial Real Estate: 3 Golden Rules of the Unsubscribe

3 Golden Rules Of CRE Email Marketing Unsubscribes

Unsubscribe. The dreaded click. Your contact gone forever. Frustration. Worry. Aaaargh! Not so fast. Unsubscribe is actually the best thing to happen to email marketing since…well, email. If you’ve been diligently building your list, cataloguing what your prospects want to hear about, sending targeted messages to different groups within the larger list, and someone still unsubscribes, well then what better …

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Why List Segmentation Matters in CRE Marketing (Just Look At The Data)

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By now, I think we can all agree that email is here to stay …unless the Internet will go the way of typewriters, in which case c’est la vie! Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean certain email marketing best practices, like segmentation, have caught on. In the CRE world especially, segmentation is often a nice to have vs. a need to have …

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Mastering CRE Email Templates

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Email marketing is one of the most successful, yet often poorly executed strategies available in the CRE industry. Some marketers consider it a chore and choose to produce a flood of messages (read: SPAM) almost as a by-product of a marketing effort. When done poorly, CRE email marketing campaigns can result in a low conversion rate and a high “unsubscribe” …

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How To Make CRE Email Marketing Work For You

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Email Marketing has been lauded as the most effective tool ever, and much maligned as a necessary evil that just won’t go away. So which is it? Why does it work for some people and not others? Let’s take a cold-hard look at the most common list of CRE email marketing complaints, but more importantly, come up with solutions: Yes, that’s …

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