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BuzzTarget Launches Dream Feature for Commercial Real Estate Brokers and Agents

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New York, New York — Known as the “” of commercial real estate and the marketing tool of choice for commercial real estate professionals, BuzzTarget just gave commercial real estate Brokers and Agents an early Christmas present: an online update that gives them the ultimate convenience in finding space for national retailers/franchisers— as well as the quickest, easiest (and most professional) …

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Commercial Real Estate Marketing 101: Social media habits of successful agents and brokers

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In past blog posts, we’ve gotten commercial real estate professionals up to speed on setting up their business on LinkedIn and Pinterest; you should, of course, also have active engagement on Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus (some social media experts may even add a few more sites to that mix). Yes this can all seem overwhelming and thankfully there are tools such …

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Commercial Real Estate 101: Pinterest

Part 2 in a Series In the first installment of our series on commercial real estate marketing online we addressed the importance of Googling your company name, monitoring your online reputation and frequently posting relevant content on a blog and/or your website. In this blog we’re going to zoom in on another important building block for your commercial real estate …

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How To Get CRE Prospects to Open Your Emails: A Checklist (pt. 2)

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This is part 2 of a 3-part series on how to get CRE prospects to open your emails. Last week’s part 1 introduced the cognitive checklist CRE professionals go through when looking through their inbox, which starts out with identifying “who is sending this email?” The next item in the cognitive checklist is the:  Subject line. You’ve heard this time …

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How To Get CRE Prospects to Open Your Emails: A Checklist (pt. 1)

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Qualified prospects, phone ringing off the hook, listing in contract, deal signed! Phew…easy right? If only! Getting to done deal is oftentimes a minefield of false starts, challenging personalities, and legal contracts so long as to easily come in volume 1, 2, and 3. These are things you can rarely control. However, what you can control is your marketing, where …

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Think Different: 3 Killer Ways to Market CRE Properties Online

Think Different

Some people argue promotion is unnecessary. Yes, that’s true…IF you’re selling the Empire State Building. In all other cases, promotion for your listing(s) is the difference between a dealmaking and mediocrity. However, not all marketing avenues out there are created equal. So how do you evaluate which tool is best to use? Well, think about this: ANY tool you use …

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